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If she looks this good, text her back…

Should I text her again, or wait for her to text me? This is a question guys around the world ask every day and I wanted to give you the answer in this short blogpost.

Guys wonder a lot of different things about texting girls…. They often wonder whether they should text her or just call her up on the phone, whether they should text her the day after a date with her or if they should let her text them… The questions go on and on.

Why do guys ask these questions? Because they want to seem cool so that they can get the girl to meet up with them again of course! Trust me, I used to ask myself the same questions all the time, and it is smart to be a bit strategic here so that you come off looking as cool and desirable as possible to the chick that you are trying to get with.

So, I’m going to answer these questions today to the best of my ability… Starting with examining whether you should text her, or wait for her to text you. Here are the determining factors…

1) Did you text her last?

Generally speaking texting should work like a zipper. First you text her, then she texts you, then you text her, then she texts you and so on. So sending her two or more texts in a row would basically screw up the zipper and we don’t want that, now do we! So if you were the last person to text her then you should almost always just play it cool and wait for her to text you back or else you may seem to be a bit too needy and anxious and that’ll scare a girl away quick. So, in that case, no don’t text her. Wait for her to text you, unless one of the following is true:

2) Has it been more than 2 days since you heard from her?

So lets say that you texted her, you didn’t hear back, so you decide to chill and wait for her to make the next move. But, then you notice that the days are starting to roll past and low and behold this chick just ain’t textin’. WTF right? Okay, in this situation then it is okay to break the “zipper rule” because otherwise she might move on and then you wouldn’t get to see her again and that would suck. So, if it’s been a couple days and you are trying to get something lined up with her in the near future then you should definitely do what you’ve got to do (text her) in order to get back in touch…

3) Were you waiting to hear back about something important.

Another good reason to break the zipper rule is if you are waiting to hear back from a girl regarding something important and/or time sensitive. For instance if you were making plans for tomorrow and she said that she had to check something and that she would text you right back, but then you don’t hear from her and you need to solifify plans with her or make other plans then you should get in touch and get her to commit, so you don’t just leave things up in the air.

Now this all assumes that the last time that you’ve only texted her ONCE since her last reply. If you have sent her 2,3,4 or more texts since the last time you spoke to her checkout this other post I wrote about what to do if a girl stops responding to your texts. [click to continue…]

funny emoticon

Be cool, not a fool with your emoticons…

A lot of guys ask my if I recommend using emoticons when writing a text or an email to a girl you like. It actually a good question, so I thought I’d write up a quick post here to set the record straight once and for all.

So, to emoticon or not to emoticon, that is the question. My general rule is to keep the emoticons to a minimum. Except of course if you are making dirty text symbols to make a funny picture like this: 8====D ~~~ ({})

Of course is should go without saying that use of dirty emoticons or dirty texting in general should be saved for women that you are already sleeping with, or at least women who you know are cool and will see the humor in it. of course those are probably the only type of women that you should be dating anyway, but I digress.

General use of things like ;) =) =P etc… is fine once in a while. but remember, you are a man, and sending goofy little faces every time that you text a woman is just plain immature. You need to keep in mind why you are texting her in the first place. Either to get her to meet up with you for a date, or perhaps if you are already dating her for a while then just to keep in touch so she knows that she is still on your radar. So I’d recommend concentrating on the actual words of the texts that you are sending rather than getting overly concerned about what emoticon you should be using.

Personally I almost never use them except when I want to accentuate a point. I also like to send them all by themselves without any words. So, for example let’s say a girl that you were talking to it telling you that she needs to cancel a date that she had set up with you. Most guys would try to convince her not to cancel, or they would play it off like they are all understanding and attempt to reschedule.

But – the easier and often more effective thing to do is to just send her a text that says: =(

That way you will convey your dissapointment in the simplest of terms and she’ll be forced to text back saying sorry and trying to reschedule with you. Or, if she doesn’t than it’s good ridance and you just move on to the next girl.

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he is just her text buddy

Stop being her "text buddy"...

When you’ve found a girl that you really like it’s easy to start texting back and forth with her all the time. It might seem like this would be a good idea since after all if she is responding to your texts she must like you right? And if she likes you then you should keep talking to her right? …Not so fast.

The truth is that texting a girl all the time is a bad idea. you might think that you’re building up all of this attraction and laying the ground work for this great relationship, but really you might just be becoming her “text buddy”.

Being her text buddy is a concept that I was first introduced to by dating and texting expert Bobby Rio. He explains that texting a girl all the time, especially when you are talking about boring stuff, and stuff that she wants to talk about, is a real bad move. Basically what you are doing if you do that is that you are framing yourself as a “buddy” rather than as a potential boyfriend or guy for her to hook up with.

This goes along with being a “nice guy”. A guy who is willing to “chat” with her for hours, whenever she feels like it, is way more likely to get stuck in the friends zone with her (read this new review I wrote on Friends Into Lovers if you are in the zone…)

Women are always more attracted to guys who DON’T always have time for them, and who refuse to get into long drawn out discussions over text messages. I mean really, if you have all of this time to sit around talking to her via text wouldn’t that sort of point to the fact that perhaps you don’t have a lot going on in other areas of your life?

As much as it may seem that she wants to gab with you over texts, she secretly hopes that you are the type of guy who is going to play the male role and do your own thing. She wants a guy who is active and who has a lot going on in his life. In fact she even wants a guy who has a lot of other options with women so that she can “win” you and be selected by you.

So, if a girl you like keeps wanting to text chat take that as a good sign – but DON’T give in to it.

Instead, only text her back right away once in a while, the rest of the time you should make her wait. And when you do text her, make it fun. Flirt with her and keep raising the level of tension between the two of you so that the next time that you see her she will be ready to jump all over you.

Remember, the whole point of texting girls is to get them to meet you again, and you flirt with them to raise the tension.

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