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Learn how to be the MAN at college...

Conquer Your Campus is a program for college guys who want to improve there game and become social rock-stars in the college environment. This Conquer Your Campus Review is going to explain what this program is all about and share my perspective on it with you. (If you have used the Conquer Your Campus program please leave your own review of it below in the comments section)

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Conquer Your Campus has just been completely overhauled and re-released to the public. I was eager to check it out because I had already seen the original system a couple of years back. While I liked the old program, there were a couple things that I thought it was lacking…and I wanted to see what had been changed and added.

An Overview Of Conquer Your Campus…

The Conquer Your Campus program was originally created by a college student Mark Redman who became a legend after sleeping with 71 women during his college years. Mark was originally a student of well known dating coaches Christian Hudson and nick sparks. Christian, Nick and a guy named Race de Priest are head coaches of the The Social Man company which is well known for their texting guide B4UTXTHER.

Basically this program addresses the fact that most of the regular “pick up artist” techniques that you hear about online aren’t really applicable to the college environment. As a guy who spent 7 years as an undergrad partying it up I’ve got to say that I agree implicitly with this premise. You simply do not need to do a bunch of PUA stuff to pull hot chicks in college. And if you do try that stuff it’s going to work against you.

Conquer Your Campus teaches you what you should be doing instead…

One of the coolest things about the new version of this program is that you can just go to the main website and read articles and stuff for free, and there is some really good content to be had… Honestly the free stuff on there alone will probably give you a better sense of what you need to be doing to be successful with women at college than most of the mainstream “succeed with girls” guides.

But of course the premium content is where it’s really at.

I can’t expose all of what you will get when you get access to the members area, but there is some real gold in there including tons of quality audio and video content. Really every aspect of how to be successful with college chicks is broken down for you and all of the questions that college guys have are answered. Want to know how to bring girls home from a keg party, the answers you’ll get in here are straight from guys in the trenches and guys who have done multiple tours of duty.

My thoughts on Conquer Your Campus…

I’ve been out of college for a few years now… But I’ll always cherish those memories, damn good stuff! Anyways here are my thoughts…

Basically, college is an awesome incredible opportunity to meet hot young women who like to party and hook up. Many girls in college are going through an “experimentation phase” and are extremely promiscuous… So if you choose to capitalize on this opportunity you can have the time of your life in college and have experiences with a wide variety of girls.

Personally I think that you would be crazy not to.

Conquer Your Campus is without a doubt THE guide to being a total stud on your campus and having a social circle that introduces you to a never ending stream of college women. Heck, you’ll want to do what I did and stay in school for 7 years too.

Of course you might be one of these guys who wants to find a girlfriend in college for a serious relationship, and this program can definitely help you in that direction as well. Getting a quality girlfriend is really about being able to appeal to the most girls possible so that you have options and can select the pick of the litter.

I think Conquer your campus can help you get there, Check it out below

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