First Text Message To A Girl – What To Write?

first text message to a girl
It’s your first text message to a girl? Make it a GOOD one…

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what to write in your first text message to a girl. So I’ve decided to share my patented 3 step texting combo.

This is a blueprint I’ve had crazy success with, and it’s not just for the first text message but the first three. This is my own little technique that I created, and this is the first time I’ve shared it…

The Purpose Of Your First Text Message To A Girl

The only purpose of the first text you send a girl is to remind her of who you are and to get her comfortable with the idea of texting you. A lot of guys think that you need to make her laugh with the first text or that you should use it to start turning her on. Nope. That comes later. The first text is all about getting her to feel comfortable with you again and reaffirming the fact that she made a good decision by giving you her phone number.

So let’s get into it… Here’s what you write in the first text message to a girl…

First Text Message Breakdown:

Remind her of who you are in a fun way. For example if you met her at Starbucks, and when you met her she spilled a little coffee on you, then you could say, “Hey, it’s Rob, the guy you spilled coffee on at Starbucks” and that’s it!

Most guys would try to load up the text with a lot of other information to try to do a bunch of other things (like build attraction, display value yadda yadda…) but you’ve gotta hold off on that. You don’t want to overload her with to much information all at once.

So instead just reintroduce yourself, and try to make it fun by including a little description like how she spilled her coffee. Another example would be saying “Hey it’s Rob, that guy you were staring at like a piece of meat in the library”… get it?

Second Text Message Breakdown:

The second text is all about sharing more personality with her. Most guys start trying to “GET” something from a girl in the first couple of texts that they send to her.

They want validation that the chick likes them, or they start trying to set up a date right away etc… And this can often come off as needy.

So instead of being a taker, be a giver.

An example would be something like: “I’m at the park right now and this bag lady is taking a bath in a puddle…” Weird? Yes, kind of. but sending her a random observation like this shows that you aren’t afraid to be yourself and be quirky. And being a confident guy who is comfortable in his own skin is just about the most attractive quality a guy can have.

Third Text Message Breakdown:

Now, it’s time to wrap this up by setting up the date. If you ever wondered whether asking a girl out by text was acceptable, read that article… but the bottom line is that yeah it’s totally cool!

The way you do it is to lead confidently. Don’t ak for the date like a wimp. Instead say “let’s get a drink this week.”

Again, very simple, no need to get fancy with it… She’ll text back something like, “sounds good, I’m free on Tuesday” or whatever and then there you go! Tell her “Cool, let’s meet up at that Irish bar near my house I pointed out to you” etc…

Learn to love using the word “LET’S” it’s as close to a magic word as it gets!

This one-two-three method for texting a girl for the first time works like a charm. 

Certainly the girl may throw in some other “hooks” for you that you can respond to if you like. But honestly you are better off just sticking to the game plan here.

It’s interesting to note that your ability to ignore her conversational hooks is going to be very attractive to her. Most guys jump all over every opportunity a woman gives them to talk about anything… But not you, because you are cooler!

I hope you enjoyed this explanation of what to write in your first text message to a girl.

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