Eric Edgemont’s Friends Into Lovers Program – My Review

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Take her from "friends" into lovers...

Hey guys! For my latest review I’m taking a look at Eric Edgemont’s new Friends Into Lovers program, which he claims will help you to nail that girl who says that she “just wants to be friends”.

Obviously a lot of guys have female friends that they would love to hook up with, sleep with, date, etc… but for whatever reason they are unable to make it happen. If you are anything like me you probably have a few different girls like this in your life… I’m not a guy who gets too deep in to the friend zone with any one girl, but I usually have a few that I am somewhat in the friend zone with and it certainly is not any fun trying to figure out how to get with these chicks!

So – Eric Edgemont is the creator of this program and he is a somewhat well known dating “guru”. I am familiar with him because I have been on his mailing list for a very long time now and I enjoy the emails that he sends me. Generally speaking better than most of the mailing lists I’m on… But let’s talk about this program.

My Brutal “Friends Into Lovers” Review…

Okay, it’s not gonna be that brutal, but I did take a critical look at this program and listened to all eight hours of audio. Yep, eight hours, I’m a hard working reviewer ;) So, there is definitely no shortage of content in this program. You also get a special bonus product, but because I’m not sure how long that will be available I’ll just talk about the core program here.

Friends Into Lovers Pros:

  • I liked listening to Eric on all of the audio tracks. You get a PDF too, but I prefer listening to audios and luckily I actually thought Eric sounded like a cool guy. He explained his own situation that had driven him to study this topic so intently, and he really seems to have a very deep understanding of the process of going from friends to lovers. Plus the audio quality was good. This is important because I’ve gotten other audio courses where the dude’s voice just bothered me and it kept me from hearing what he had to say.
  • The strategy makes sense. Over the course of the 18 tracks Eric outlines a comprehensive plan for what you need to do to win over your female friend and get her to be more than friends with you. This is something that I have studied up on quite a bit over the years and have to say that Eric over all action plan makes the most sense out of any of strategies that I’ve heard. Honestly I think most of the other “get out of the friend zone” stuff is written by people who haven’t really been through this type of thing in real life.
  • The psychological insights that Eric teaches in this program are nothing that I had heard before, and they are things that you can keep in your toolbox and use for life. Of course you might be able to marry this female friend of yours, that’s a possibility, but on the other hand you might just date her for a while and then you can go and apply these insights and tricks to other relationships that you’ll have in the future.

Friends Into Lovers Cons:

  • If I had to pick something that I didn’t like about Friends into Lovers I can think of two… First this program is really only best suited for women who you are stuck in the friend zone with. If you are a single dude just looking to improve your success with women all around, then this isn’t the best thing… Second the video on the Friends Into Lovers video was pretty long. Personally, I’d rather a short video with a more condensed version of the info. But the honey badger thing was funny!

So here’s my final judgement… if you have a girl “friend” you want to be more than a friend I think you should try this program out and do what Eric says. As he points out in the program, what you’ve been doing up until now is NOT working. So you can either keep doing that and not getting with your friend OR you can take it from the guy who wrote the book on going from friends to lovers…

Seems like a pretty obvious decision.

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Okay, talk to you in the future…

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