Are You Her Text Buddy?

he is just her text buddy

Stop being her "text buddy"...

When you’ve found a girl that you really like it’s easy to start texting back and forth with her all the time. It might seem like this would be a good idea since after all if she is responding to your texts she must like you right? And if she likes you then you should keep talking to her right? …Not so fast.

The truth is that texting a girl all the time is a bad idea. you might think that you’re building up all of this attraction and laying the ground work for this great relationship, but really you might just be becoming her “text buddy”.

Being her text buddy is a concept that I was first introduced to by dating and texting expert Bobby Rio. He explains that texting a girl all the time, especially when you are talking about boring stuff, and stuff that she wants to talk about, is a real bad move. Basically what you are doing if you do that is that you are framing yourself as a “buddy” rather than as a potential boyfriend or guy for her to hook up with.

This goes along with being a “nice guy”. A guy who is willing to “chat” with her for hours, whenever she feels like it, is way more likely to get stuck in the friends zone with her (read this new review I wrote on Friends Into Lovers if you are in the zone…)

Women are always more attracted to guys who DON’T always have time for them, and who refuse to get into long drawn out discussions over text messages. I mean really, if you have all of this time to sit around talking to her via text wouldn’t that sort of point to the fact that perhaps you don’t have a lot going on in other areas of your life?

As much as it may seem that she wants to gab with you over texts, she secretly hopes that you are the type of guy who is going to play the male role and do your own thing. She wants a guy who is active and who has a lot going on in his life. In fact she even wants a guy who has a lot of other options with women so that she can “win” you and be selected by you.

So, if a girl you like keeps wanting to text chat take that as a good sign – but DON’T give in to it.

Instead, only text her back right away once in a while, the rest of the time you should make her wait. And when you do text her, make it fun. Flirt with her and keep raising the level of tension between the two of you so that the next time that you see her she will be ready to jump all over you.

Remember, the whole point of texting girls is to get them to meet you again, and you flirt with them to raise the tension.

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