How To Date Multiple Women Review By Joshua Pellicer

how to attract multiple women author joshua pellicer

Joshua Pellicer knows a thing or two about dating multiple women...

I’ve been itching to do a How To Date Multiple Women review for you, and I’ve finally gotten a chance to go through this very unique program and take the time to write up my thoughts for you.

This is a review, click here if you are looking for the How To Date Multiple Women Site…

How to Date Multiple Women is the latest program by leading dating coach/pick up art extraordinaire Joshua Pellicer, the guy who brought us the perpetually popular Tao of Badass system last year… Josh has been a well known guy in the dating advice field for quite a while now, but his Tao of Badass program really solidified his status as one of the top dudes teaching these skills to men.

But let’s discuss the program – this review has 3 parts, first I’ll discuss what you get in the How To Date Multiple Women program and the basics of what you’ll learn, then I’ll look at the pros and cons, and finish by sharing my personal opinion on this program.

Sound good? Lets jump into it…

How To Date Multiple Women Review – The Basics…

Unlike the Tao of Badass which is kind of a mysterious title, there is know need to guess what How To Date Multiple Women is all about. However, that being said, this program goes into a lot more than just how to logistically handle dating multiple women at the same time.

This program covers a lot of ground and explains in depth how to GET all of these girlfriends, as well as explaining how to keep them all cool with the fact that they you have other women in your life.

The core program is presented in PDF ebook form, but you also get a variety of audios, videos, and bonus content, so when you get access to this program you will definitely get the sense that Joshua has correlated a TON of information for you on this subject for you.

One piece that you will probably like are the interviews that Joshua conducted with women who have been in the poly-amorous or “poly-dating” lifestyle. These interviews help you to understand how women really think about this stuff and it is great to actually hear this from an attractive woman.

I’m not going to go over every module and video included in this program, as they are all explained in detail here

Pros and Cons of Joshua Pellicer’s How To Date Multiple Women


  • Joshua is a guy who lived the poly-dating lifestyle (dating multiple women at the same time) for many years and this is all well documented. This is important to me because, as a reader I need to feel like the guy that I am learning from has a lot more experience than me. I think that most regular guys who have skills with women have some experience dating multiple chicks at once… But I don’t want to learn from a “regular guy” I want to learn from a master who has this sh*t SYSTEMITIZED… Josh apparentally does have such a system.
  • Everything is presented clearly. Josh is very good about keeping things as simple as possible, while stiull explaining them fully. I give the program points for that – I am so damn sick and tired of these PUA guides that are just full of complicated theories that lead nowhere. None of that here.
  • The section on keeping the different girls that you date from getting to jealous was GOLD. I have always had problems in this area. Girls say that they are cool with you seeing other peope at first, but in my experience there is always jealous simmering under the surface and it always bubbles up eventually – wish I knew this stuff earlier.


  •  The only thing that bugged me was the hypey marketing that always surrounds these big PUA programs when they first come out… I mean seriously I got like 25 emails about this thing and I already got it! WTF really?

 My Thoughts On How To Date Multiple Women

All in all, this is a solid program that I think any guy can learn a lot from… If you are aguy who wants to date multiple women then this is probably the perfect guide for that…

If you are a guy who is more looking to just find one girlfriend I would actually recommend this even more strongly to you, because it is SO important to date around and figure out what kind of woman you like best before you get yourself into a committed monogamous relationship.

If you are a guy who has already dated around a ton and is looking to settle down and you already know exactly what you want then i’d take a pass.

But otherwise, this is a program I’d pick up without hesitation

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