How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

get your ex girlfriend back

Get her back for good!

I know first hand that it’s possible to get your ex girlfriend back if you make the right moves… I’m writing this piece on how to get your ex girlfriend back as a guy who has been dumped a few times myself, and I’m also a guy who has been able to successfully get my ex back.

So if you want to get your ex girlfriend back too then I suggest you listen to me on this…

First, I know how you feel, getting dumped SUCKS. It hurts, and the world can feel like a cold and lonely place without your special girl… Total suck-fest.

You can work yourself into a total frenzy worrying about how you are going to get her back, and worrying about her going out and dating other guys. That is every man’s nightmare… that his girl is going to be getting into bed with another dude!

So let’s stop this from happening.


Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back, An Overview…

In minute I’m going to give you three steps for how to win back your ex girlfriend. But first you need to understand what’s really going on with your ex, and the psychology behind getting your ex girlfriend to come back to you.

Most of the time when your girlfriend dumps you she’ll give you a crappy excuse for why she wants to break up. she might blame you for something that you’ve done, or she might say that she “just needs some time” to think about things.

Honestly, because I don’t know you personally I don’t know exactly what happened. But here’s the thing…

The specific “reason” she’s giving for why she is breaking up with you doesn’t really matter at all. What it comes down to is this: She isn’t happy in the relationship anymore 

She isn’t gonna want to come back until she believes that being with you will make her happy. So in order to get her back you’ve got to make her believe that you can make her happy.

How NOT To Get Your Girlfriend Back…

We’ve just established that in order to make your ex girlfriend want you back that you need to convince her that being with you would make her happy.

Seems simple enough, right?

However, most guys destroy their chances for getting back with their ex girlfriends by trying to convince her in all of the wrong ways. They do stuff like:

  • Begging and pleading with her to come back to you – This makes her want to get away from you faster because she doesn’t want to be manipulated by you.
  • Trying to use logic to convince her to take you back – This doesn’t work because she is making decisions based on EMOTIONS, not logic.
  • Telling her “I love you”, “I’ll do anything for you” or “you mean everything to me’. – This kind of mushy talk seems like it should work, but it has the opposite effect. It seems manipulative and makes you look pathetic.
  • Sending her flowers and buying presents – Again this seems like a nice gesture, but it comes off as pathetic and manipulative.
  • Calling and texting all the time…

Trust me I did ALL THIS SHIT! And none of it got my girl back… I even did some worse things like calling up her girlfriends and trying to get them to talk to her for me. Boy was she mad about that one.

None of these things will help you get your girlfriend back in the slightest way. Instead you need to get sneaky, and get her to think that wanting you back was her idea.

It’s okay to be sneaky, I give you permission!

3 Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back:


Step #1 – No Contact… This is pretty well known tactic for getting your ex back, and the reason is because it works. This is probably the number one thing that helped me in getting my ex back. Basically, the idea is to stop calling, texting and talking to your ex for a set period of time. Unfriend her and her closest friend on Facebook too because you don’t want her snooping around and  seeing what you are up to.

I’m not going to explain all of the psychology behind why this works so well, but basically it gets her to stop seeing you as pathetic and gives her a chance to actually start missing you. Remember, she can’t miss you if you are bugging her all the time! Also, she will wonder what you are up to and actually start feeling jealous wondering if you have met somebody new.

Step #2 – Get Yourself Together… When you and your ex started dating, she was attracted to the fact that you had your shit together. You weren’t acting sad like you are now. So stop crying, and start doing things that will help you toi feel better about yourself and make you more attractive to your ex AND to other women.

So go get a haircut, a tan, and some new clothes. Get your sleep, eat right and don’t drink too much booze. Also get your butt back in the gym and work on getting back into shape. Also, hang out with friends who are happy people and who will help you to get into a good mood.

Step #3 – Text Her… After a few days or weeks of no contact your ex may very well get in touch with you. However, if she is still not getting in touch then you need to be the one to reach out. However, it is very important that you reach out to your ex the right way so that you can start to pull her back in rather than pushing her farther away.

I recommend texting rather than calling because it will allow you to say EXACTLY the right things to your ex. As you may know, when you talk to her on the phone it is easy to become emotional and start saying the wrong things, and this is something that you’ll want to avoid.

Also, if you send her the right text it will push the correct emotional “hot buttons” to make her start thinking about you the right way again. It will make her reminisce and feel sentimental, and it will make her feel the loss of your relationship on a gut level.

I remember my ex told me that when she realized that I was really gone for good it felt like a kick in the stomach… and she was the one who dumped me!

For more on how to text your ex to get her to want to come back to you: Watch This Free Video Presentation

Good luck on your mission to get your ex girlfriend back. I sincerely hope that things work out well for you!




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