How To Talk To Girls – 7 Conversation Tips

how to talk to girls

Go on, talk to her!

Knowing how to talk to girls is one of the most important skills that a guy can ever learn… If you can’t talk to women, then you won’t be bringing them home! It’s just that simple…

So if talking to girls is something that you struggle with, I HIGHLY suggest that you take the time to really study this subject fully and master your conversational abilities.

Unfortunately though, there is a great deal of confusion out there about the proper way to talk to a woman… There are many so called “dating gurus” who would advise you to use all sorts of complicated storytelling routines to impress women, but the truth is that these things really don’t work.

You see, talking to women isn’t really about having some amazing strategy or routine, instead it’s about conveying a certain personality that women are attracted to.

So what I’ve done is created a list of 10 conversation tips that you can use to improve the conversations that you’re having with women by showing her that you are a cool guy:

10 Tips For Talking To Women:

1) Don’t be afraid to screw up

It’s ironic, but the main reason most men mess up talking to a girl they like is because of they are so preocuppied with their own fear of goofing up! So, the way that you fix this is to give yourself permission to mess up… remember that concept “PERMISSION TO MESS UP”… The whole key is not to take talking to women too seriously. If a woman thinks that youa re taking her seriously and stressing out about her it will totally turn her off. women don’t want a man like that, they want a man who’s got balls and doesn’t turn into a little bitch just because he has to talk to a girl!

2) Talk about things you are interested in

When you are talking to a girl, don’t think that you need to find some subject that she is interested in talking about. Nothing will make you look like more of a sucker than if you get into some long boring conversation with her about “girl stuff” like shoes or her ex boyfriend. Instead talk about things that you are interested in and are passionate about. Your passion for things other than girls will make you more attractive to her.

3) Don’t agree with her about everything

As I mentioned in the last tip, going along with everything she says and taklking about the girly stuff that she wants to talk about is a total attraction killer. Girls like guys who think for themselves and are a challenge. So if she starts talking about “Oh Lady Ga ga is sooo talented”… Don’t feel like you need to go along with that to make her like you. You don’t. Agreeing with her does not create attraction… In fact, you can even play the Devil’s advocate and disagree with her just to have fun, and help create a little sexual tension.

4) Express your interest

Another big mistake guys make is failing to show that they are interested in being more than friends with the girl that they are talking to. Usually it’s pretty easy to talk to a cute girl about everyday topics so long as you keep things on the platonic level, so many guys get stuck there and are unable to move forward. This is a problem, because it’s the man’s job to lead the interaction and “frame” how things are going to go down. This is what women expect from men, so you’ve got to be the one to make it happen. There are many ways to do this all of which could be referred to as “flirting”… This is a HUGE topic that runs the gambit from playful teasing all the way to direct statements like, “I want to get in your pants!”

5) Don’t brag about yourself 

You may think that you should talk about your accomplishments with a woman so that she sees that you are a successful guy, or that you are good “boyfriend material”. However this kind of talk doesn’t do a thing to create attraction, and indeed it often has the opposite effect. Cool guys don’t brag because they don’t need to, so don’t you do it either. There is plenty of time for her to find out about all of your good qualities later on once you have started dating her, so at first just keep things fun and flirty.

6) Use the right tone of voice

Talking in a fast, high pitched jerky tone will definitely freak a chick out and make her want you to go away… Don’t worry though, there are things you can do to improve you voice as illustrated in this video:

7) Go for what you want

Whether you are looking to bring a girl home from a part or a bar, or you just want to grab her phone number for later you’ve got to ask for what you want. This is part of being a successful person. To get what you want in life whether it’s a date, or a job, or whatever you’ve got to ask for it. Yeah you might get turned down. But like the famous Wayne Gretzky quote “You miss every shot you don’t take”…  So take your shot!

I hope that you enjoyed these tips on how to talk to girls. If there is one tip that I really hope you can take with you it’s the first one: “Don’t be afraid to screw up”…

The truth is that talking to women is a skill that you will develop over time so long as you practice, and in order to get that practice and gain that experience you need to give yourself permission to goof up from time to time, I mean, shit, you are only human right?

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