How To Text A Girl

how to text a girl you like

If you like a girl you gotta text her right!

These days, knowing how to text a girl you like is one of the most important dating skills that a man can have. If you don’t know how to text a girl the right way it’s EASY to mess things up and ruin your chances with a girl who otherwise would have been interested in dating you…

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How To Text A Girl You Like, Why It’s Important…

Over the past few years there has been a huge shift from people talking on the phone to texting as the main form of electronic communication.

And while most guys have sub par texting skills, just about every girl I meet these days is a freakin’  Text-A-Holic!

This is why it’s REALLY in your best interest to learn all you can about texting girls, so that you can have the advantage you need over ALL of your competition (these are the other guys trying to hook up with the girl you like…)

Now that we have established that texting is an important dating tool, let’s get into how you can use text message effectively…

As with any other tool, texting can be used correctly or incorrectly… So let’s start by looking at some of the common texting mistakes that guys make that you must avoid.

How to text a girl - the wrong way:

Honestly there are a ton of different ways that you can mess things up with a girl over text, and I must admit that I made most all of these mistakes myself when I was first getting started… Learn from my mistakes:

  1. Texting a girl too often – If you text a girl too often it will appear to her like you have nothing else going on in your life. Also if you do this once you have started dating her you will seem clingy and needy and that is very unnatractive to women.
  2. Texting in an overly formal way – If you send boring, formal texts to a girl. it will make you seem like a boring formal guy.
  3. Trying to hard over text – Many guys try too hard to say cool stuff in text messages but they don’t understand how what they are saying is going to be intepretted by the girl. Bragging and acting cocky can be good, but she needs to know that it is a joke.
  4. Not having a purpose to your texts – Texting things like “sup” or “how r u :)” is a very poor use of texts. You will often get a short answer back from these kinds of texts if you get an answer at all, because you haven’t brought anything worthwhile to the interaction.

How To Text A Girl – The RIGHT Way:

  1. Flirt with her over text – Text messages are the perfect thing for flirting with girls. It’s almost like they were invented for flirting! Most guys don’t know how to flirt over text, but really it’s pretty easy… Just be cocky, tease her, and say things that are a little sexy…
  2. Don’t kiss her butt! – Most guys get all excited when they have a cute girl to talk to. So when the girl texts them they text her back right away and agree with everything she says… Don’t let her run things bro! you are the MAN and women want men who are a challenge to them, not spineless wimps who kiss their bums…
  3. Let her know what you want – Don’t be scared to tell her what’s up! You got her number for a reason, so you can hook up with her later. So don’t skirt the issue. Tell her, “hey why don’t you come meet me later tonight”… Because if you don’t ask she won’t come.

I hope these tips on how to text a girl helped you out…

Now that you’re aware of the basics rules of texting a girl you like, you can do the right thing and keep her attracted to you.

By sending awesome texts you are going to stand out from all of the other guys who are trying to date her, and you are gonna be the guy who ends up victorious!

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