Magnetic Messaging Review: Is Magnetic Messaging Legit?

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Hot girls require superior texts...

Here at we are all about texting chicks, so when I found out about Bobby Rio’s new Magnetic Messaging program I wanted to get a copy and dissect it for you!

It has taken me a while to go through all of the material, but at long last I present to you my official Magnetic Messaging review.

Some people think that texting is just for the younger crowd, but that’s not really true, I know 45 year old guides you are texting their girlfriends non-stop. Point blank – if you are dating you are texting. period.

The question is, are you texting well? If your dating life is lacking then you should pay attention here.

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What Magnetic Messaging Is/Does…

Magnetic Messaging attempts to provide a complete solution for every texting situation that you might find yourself in. Examples of these common situations are:

  • You are stuck in the friend zone with some girl you’ve wanted for a long time and you want to take it to another level with her
  • You’ve been seeing a girl you like but you feel her pulling away from you, and you want to keep her interested
  • You got a hot chicks number, and you need a game plan to get her eager and out on a date with you ASAP

I know I’ve been in all of these situations many a time, and I’ve goofed all three of these up because I didn’t know WTF I was doing…

It will also provide you with answers to all the situation specific questions you may have like: what to do if she doesn’t text you back, how to respond to that “huh, who is this??” text, how to combat her ‘flaking’ texts, how to warm up a cold woman by crafting the language you use to spark attraction, how to use “radar texts” to get her thinking about you etc…

And then there’s my personal favorite which is how to craft a special “Meetup Message” that gets her imagining what it would be like to sleep with you.

Pretty much every question I’ve had about texting is addressed in this program, so Bobby Rio and co-creator Rob Judge have definitely done their homework so far as figuring out what guys need to know about texting…

And that makes sense because these guys are very well known and respected dating coaches who are constantly helping guys with this stuff…

Click Here For The Magnetic Messaging Website

Product Details:

The Magnetic Messaging system is a digitally downloadable program that includes the main book which contains something called The “Key Lock Sequence” … This is a specific sequence of “magnetic texts” to get her turned on and out on a date with you…

This Key Lock sequence itself is pretty darn cool, but there is a lot more to the main book than just this part.

There are also some bonuses including something called the “The Infatuation Formula”

I don’t really know why they made this a bonus rather than it’s own program. But I found this to be full of really valuable info. This is good stuff for when you’ve got a girl that you really want to like you and you want to get her basically infatuated with you… you probably shouldn’t use this stuff on a girl that you just want to sleep with because that would be kinda wrong…

You also get The Magnetic Mastermind Kit free for a month. A lot of guys don’t like signing up for things that bill you again… So you don’t have to get this one, or you can get it and try it for a month. Personally though I think the content in here is a smart choice if you want to keep getting more and more advanced with this stuff.

And – one of the coolest things is The 99 Best Texts of All Time. This one is just like it sounds. You get 99  texts that have been proven to work… So you don’t even need to think about what to text her.

For a complete overview of everything you’ll learn you can go to the website here.

Does Magnetic Messaging Deliver The Goods?

In my mind Magnetic Messaging is far superior to every other texting guide out there, and I’ve seen them all… The problem that I’ve had with other texting programs is that they just aren’t complete.

Other programs just give you texting advice like you could get on this website… Some of it is good, some isn’t.

Magnetic Messaging on the other hand offers a complete system. it gives you everything that you need so that when you get a number you KNOW you’ve got an arsenal of texting tools to get that chick out with you and keep her around too.

Even the “non-texting” stuff in here is good.

So, I’m going to make Magnetic Messaging the ONLY texting guide that I endorse on this site…

Check it out:

Click Here For The Magnetic Messaging Website



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