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PUA Text Game

PUA Text Game - the most important dating skill of our time?

In this post I’m going to discuss the basics of PUA text game, and share some of the PUA text game examples that I personally have had the most success with. I’ll also look at a few commonly known PUA text game strategies that I just don’t think are worth bothering with at all, popular as they may be…

Whether or not you consider yourself a PUA (pick up artist) or you are just a dude who likes to date fine looking women, there is no denying the fact that nowadays “text game” is a vital skill that every man must master… And luckily for us, there are a number of pick up artist and other seasoned pros out there who have done a lot of experimenting to find out the best strategies for texting women.

Really PUA text game can be broken down into three basic types:

  • PUA Text Openers <- You send these to re-establish contant after you get a chicks number
  • Texts to get her to meet up with you
  • Texts to keep her thinking about you the right way after you have started dating/sleeping with her

Each of these types of texts is different, and requires you to come in at a different angle to accomplixh a different goal. So lets look at them one by one…

PUA Text Game Openers:

The goal of these is to get the girl you are texting to respond to you and to basically start thinking you in a positive light again. Unfortunately every hour that passes after you get a girls phone number the memory of how cool you are will slowly fade in her mind. This is why sometimes when you try texting a girl a couple days after you got her number she will act like she barely knows who you are.

This is frustrating, especially because she probably seemed like she was totally into you when you got the number. But don’t worry, this problem can easily be avoided by sending the right text opener.

The cool thing about texting is that once you figure out a formula that works for you, you can just use it over and over and over again like clockwork so that you don’t always need to be worrying about what to write. My formula is to take something that I remember about the girl I am texting and then I make a little joke about it that reminds her of when she met me.

So for example, if you met a girl at the dog park when your pitbull tried to mount her poodle, you could write, “My dog has been walking around with a stiffy all day thanks to that floozy poodle of yours!”

A text like that is also good because it shows her that you aren’t afraid to talk about racy subjects.

Texts To Get Her To Meet up With You

These texts are really crucial for solid PUA texting game. Sending funny stuff to make a girl laugh is great and all, but if you can’t get her to come and meet up with you then the whole thing is just a big waste of time.

The key to these texts is that you want to ask her out is a fun way, rather than in a awkward, needy, formal way… So rather than sending her a text message like:

  • “Hi Jen, I was wordering if you would like to go to dinner with me this Friday?”

You want to send her a more manly text that shows her that you know what’s up. Something along the lines of:

  • “you should come meet Friday night at T-bones Roadhouse, it’s a biker bar, you’ll fit right in!”

See how that second text is a statement, not a question? This is important because if you just send a bunch of boring questions that can get old really fast and that is one reason that a lot of times girls will just stop responding to texts. Instead you should be making fun statemments that she will want to respond to.

A lot of guys recommend adding something in one of these texts that is what PUAs call a “display of higher value”, but personally I’m not too big a fan of that. The reason is simple, if you got her number that meand that she already liked you when she met you, so you shouldn’t be trying to keep attracting her over and over. Rather, you want to move on to the next phase which is bonding with her and getting her turned on.

Follow Up PUA Text Game

After you have started seeing a girl it is important to keep sending her good texts to keep her attracted and excited about meeting up with you again. After all, you’ve already put work in, and if you want to keep this chick around you need to keep your pua text game tight.

Depending on how serious you want to get with her there are a couple of ways to approach this. If you want to make her your girlfriend you can start sending her texts more regularly, but if you just want to keep things real casual you will want to keep the volume of texts that you are sending lower. You definitely DON’T want to text a girl everyday unless you are really trying to show her that you are serious about her and want to start a relationship.

This is a mistake that a lot of guys fall in to. They think that they need to be texting a girl all the time in order to keep things good with her. While this strategy is fine if you are trying to settle down with a girl, in most instances it is going to make you appear TOO serious about her.

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