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Get her excited with a PUA text opener…

In this short article I’m going to be sharing a few tips on selecting the best PUA text opener to text to a girl, as well as providing you with a few PUA text openers that I have used myself and have found to be devastatingly effective.

Just so that we are clear, a text opener is the first text that you send to a girl after you get her number. This is one of the most important texts that you can send a girl because it re-establishes your connection with her.

If you send her a smooth text opener then chances are she will text you back and you’ll be able to get her to meet you in the near future, but if your text opener stinks then you may never get to see her again!

There are a few things that you need to do in your text opener and in the first few emails that you send:

  1. You need to get her attention back onto you. The most important thing is to get her to text you back, so you’ve got to send her something that will get a response.
  2. You want to stand out and get your personality across to her. Trust me, if she is a good looking girl then she probably has a number of other guys that are trying to “get at her” through text and you want to stand out from these other guys. You want her to see you as the funner option.
  3. You need to show her that you are not a needy loser.  Attractive women are constantly meeting needy losers who turn into creepy stalkers and no woman wants a guy like this in her life. Therefore, it is vital that you don’t send any needy weirdo signals in your opening text message.

Many guys think that they should send a funny joke or talk about something really cool in their text opener to make them seem “high value”, but that’s not really true. Sending jokes can come across as pretty immature, and trying to sound “high value” usually has the opposite effect because it seems like bragging.

Instead you want to send something light hearted, and fun that will COMPELL her to text you back.

The following are a few examples of PUA text openers that you can use to send to girls:

  1. “Hey, I just saw something that reminded me of you…”
  2. “You aren’t gonna believe this… ”
  3. “I think I just met your twin…”

These PUA text openers are short and simple, but they work very well because they leave her wanting to know what you’re talking about. Texts like these will almost guarantee that you will get a response, and then from there you can continue building on what you started when you got her phone number.

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