The Secret Survey Review – Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey?

the secret survey review
If your man doesn’t like to snuggle – you need to get the Secret Survey!

(Guys, this article is a review of The Secret Survey and it’s for the ladies only! — Written by my wonderful girlfriend Katie :D )

This is a Secret Survey Review, Click Here for the Official Secret Survey website…

Hi, This is Katie and in this review I’m going to be sharing my own personal opinions on Mike Fiore’s Secret Survey… As well as some information on the specifics of what is included in this program.

OMG – Where to begin!

Okay so as you probably already know this is a program that attempts to answer many of the BIG questions about men. Like why they lie, cheat, and generally act like huge jerks for no good reason!

These are questions that I have been trying to answer since middle school, so this report is something that I’ve been waiting for, for a LOOONG time…

Of course I have also read all of the big name “self help” books and read more stupid articles in women’s magazines than I care to think about, but none of that has ever been too helpful :(

So I had high hopes for this program when I first heard about it (my boyfriend owns this website and he always hears about these things monthes in advance…)

I had never heard of Michael Fiore before, but my boyfriend filled me in on the details and told me that he wanted me to do a review of the Secret Survey program for this website as soon as we got access…

If you don’t know about him Michael is a prominent relationship expert and is probably  *THE* leading expert on using texting to spice up your relationship and keep it romantic. In fact he has a whole product about romantic texting that I have just started going through called Text The Romance Back, but that’s a story for another day…

I’m not a professional “reviewer” by any means, but bear with me and I’ll let you know my opinion:

Mike Fiore’s Secret Survey Review

The full title of Michael Fiore’s new program is “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will NEVER Tell You.”

So if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will…

I’ve got to say that I was a little skeptical as to whether men really have “secret info” that they want to share, but for some reason must keep from us??? – Surely most guys do lie, and keep things from the women in their lives, but do they really want to share it? And if so why doin’t they just come out and share it?

It’s confusing… But I decided to review the Secret Survey with a open mind and try not to have any preconceived notions about what I was going to learn.

The Secret Survey, How does Michael Fiore know this stuff?

My first question about this program was how Mike knows this stuff. Obviously he is a man himself, so it makes sense that he would have some good insights to share, but how can we be sure that Mike’s program got things right?

I guess good thing is that rather than just basing this program on his own ideas, Michael used information that he got from thousands of men to create this… I guess you can’t really ask for more than that.

>>> Click Here For The Official Secret Survey Website <<<

What You’ll Learn In The Secret Survey:

The Secret Survey programs basically explains just about everything you’d ever want to about how men think, as well as a lot of information about how men think that you might prefer NOT to hear about… Not that it isn’t good information, it just may be a little disturbing for some women.

Personally I liked the fact that Michael doesn’t try to sugar coat things and really tells it like it is, but my aunts who are Mormon would probably be shocked by some of the things that Michael talks about in here.

Obviously for a full description of the program you can watch the video of the official site, but here are two of the things that really stood out to the most to me:

1) Why men are like dogs and you’re a bad owner. OMG – This is so TRUE. This was the first module that I watch and I just sat there nodding my head the whole time, it helped me make sense of so many relationships that I have been in the past that went very wrong…

2) How to use something that Michael calls “projective empathy” This part gave me my biggest “a-ha” moment of the entire course. It basically explains how to use empathy to understand what is going on in a guys mind so that you can really understand what he is going through and connect with him. Personally I think this part is worth the price of the whole course.

There are also some  bonus audio tracks that come with this course – but I can’t lie – i didn’t get to them yet :/

My Recommendation On The Secret Survey…

This program is all about helping women to understand men so we can have better relationships.

After going through the material my conclusion is that Michael Fiore is a guy who cares very deeply about helping others. He has a real gift for understanding the human condition and getting inside the minds of not just men but women as well.

In all honesty, my relationship right now is already the best one I have been in, so I might not be the perfect target audience for this… but that being said I still learned some things that I know are going to help keep this relationship going strong.

I think that if you are single or if there is any room for improvement at all in your relationship that you should get this program and go through it from start to finish!

Thanks for reading :)

Katie G.

You can find out all the specifics about Mike’s Secret Survey here:


>>> Click Here To Go The The Official Secret Survey Website <<<

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