Should you use emoticons when you text a girl ya like?

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Be cool, not a fool with your emoticons…

A lot of guys ask my if I recommend using emoticons when writing a text or an email to a girl you like. It actually a good question, so I thought I’d write up a quick post here to set the record straight once and for all.

So, to emoticon or not to emoticon, that is the question. My general rule is to keep the emoticons to a minimum. Except of course if you are making dirty text symbols to make a funny picture like this: 8====D ~~~ ({})

Of course is should go without saying that use of dirty emoticons or dirty texting in general should be saved for women that you are already sleeping with, or at least women who you know are cool and will see the humor in it. of course those are probably the only type of women that you should be dating anyway, but I digress.

General use of things like ;) =) =P etc… is fine once in a while. but remember, you are a man, and sending goofy little faces every time that you text a woman is just plain immature. You need to keep in mind why you are texting her in the first place. Either to get her to meet up with you for a date, or perhaps if you are already dating her for a while then just to keep in touch so she knows that she is still on your radar. So I’d recommend concentrating on the actual words of the texts that you are sending rather than getting overly concerned about what emoticon you should be using.

Personally I almost never use them except when I want to accentuate a point. I also like to send them all by themselves without any words. So, for example let’s say a girl that you were talking to it telling you that she needs to cancel a date that she had set up with you. Most guys would try to convince her not to cancel, or they would play it off like they are all understanding and attempt to reschedule.

But – the easier and often more effective thing to do is to just send her a text that says: =(

That way you will convey your dissapointment in the simplest of terms and she’ll be forced to text back saying sorry and trying to reschedule with you. Or, if she doesn’t than it’s good ridance and you just move on to the next girl.

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