Stealth Attraction Review – Is Gambler’s PUA Training Legit?

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Scoop her up using "Stealth Attraction..."

Stealth Attraction is a guide to picking up women by a guy named Richard La Ruina AKA “Gambler”… He’s a top pick up artist and the head of a company called PUA Training that is based in the UK.

So why am I talking about Stealth Attraction today?

Let’s face it, there are a butt-load of PUA products and “pick-up guides” out there these days for guys to choose from… I wrote this Stealth Attraction review to talk about why I think this program is DIFFERENT and why I think that you would be smart to learn about this.

Personally, I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about this program because I’ve seen most of the PUA stuff out there and very little of it impresses me…

I was also skeptical because I always thought pick up artists with names like Gambler were weirdos like that guy Mystery on VH1 with the dopey hat.

But with a name like “Stealth Attraction” I just had to check this one out!

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The Origin Of Gambler’s Stealth Attraction Program?

Gambler PUA otherwise known as Richard La Ruina is a very interesting guy. He grew up as a shy dude in England and didn’t have much success with women at all early on in his life… In fact I think I heard that he didn’t lose his V-Card until he was 24!

Anyhow, Richard was a smart dude and a successful trader (that’s where he got the name Gambler) but he realized that even though he was making dough, he still wasn’t getting women, and he like many men reached a point where he decided that he had to change his life.

He started rolling with some “naturals” and studying what they did, and eventually things really came together for him and he started CRUSHIN’ IT. Now this guy is all about pulling fashion models home from the top clubs in Europe and all over the world.

He also got very good at teaching guys his methods which are very different from what is taught elsewhere. Richard’s methods are all about being ultra-smooth so the girl doesn’t even realize that you are using any kind of “method to attract her”…

Guys pay big bucks to fly to England to learn this stuff from Rich in person, so he made the Stealth Attraction DVDs to allow you to learn this stuff at home.

Here’s the basic info:

PUA Stealth Attraction – The Pros:

1) It doesn’t involve doing weird and corny PUA routines.  

I’m not going to name names, but there are a lot of pick up instructors and companies out there teaching really bizarre, weird stuff. Stuff that I personally would never feel comfortable doing. Gambler’s methods are totally “normal” in that they won’t make you look like a try-hard PUA. That’s part of the whole “stealth” thing, because you’ll be using powerful methods, but it won’t be obvious and make you stand out in the wrong way.

2) Results

What else matters? Supposedly something like 70+% of guys who go to Richards boot-camps get laid, AT THE BOOTCAMP. And this is documented (Here’s a video that shares guys success stories)

99% of the other guys do the same old pick up tricks any woman can smell coming from a mile away. Women are used to being hit on a lot so they have rejection mechanisms that are poised and ready to shut you down, before you even get a chance! This method bypasses those systems (sneaky)

3) It Was Made For “9s” and “10s”

Richard devised this program for picking up very attractive women like the women. So if you like your women on the good looking, classy, desirable side then this is a plus. Sure you could pick up a less desirable woman with these methods too, but that would almost be too easy. Like hunting a gerbil with a bazooka! (be nice to gerbils)

Stealth Attraction – Cons:

1) While I do like the Stealth Attraction methods, I have to admit that they are pretty sneaky. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with using methods that I know will make women attracted to me, but I know that there are some guys out there who act all prissy and say that you shouldn’t need a sneaky method to get laid.

Whatever, if it works it works.

I’d rather be going home with a super hot chick because I used a smooth tactic than going home alone because I didn’t.

The Bottom Line On Stealth Attraction

If you want to learn how to bring hot women home on a regular basis then you cannot go wrong with Stealth Attration.

How psyched are you going to be bringing home hot women from the club the first weekend you use it!??

The link below goes to a video that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. If you watch through you can get a special price on Stealth Attraction.

Click Here To Go To The Official Stealth Attraction Website




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