Text The Romance Back 2.0 Review – Say What?

Michael Fiore Creator Of Text the Romance Back 2.0 on The Rachel Ray Show

Just look at this dapper son of a gun...

I was thinking the other day, how the heck can I have a site about texting and relationships without including a review of arguably the most famous and popular texting guide of all time — Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back 2.0???

Yep, I’ve been slacking off again, but I’ve had a chance to look over the new content that Michael has added for the 2.0 version of this program and am now able to bring you up to speed on all of the ins and outs of this newly updated texting system.

Now first things first, as I understand it, if you already got the original version of Text The Romance Back then I believe you will be recieving this and all future updates to this program free of charge.

Don’t quote me on that, but I do believe that is the way Michael works and it’s pretty cool of him I think… But let’s not get off-topic. Rather, let’s get into looking at this program and doing what will arguably be the GREATEST Test The Romance back 2.0 Review that will ever be published… ever.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Text The Romance Back 2.0 But Were Afraid To Ask…  

Text The Romance Back is Michael Fiore’s wildly popular guide for people who want to improve their romantic relationships.

You may be skeptical as to whether “texting” is really the best way to go about doing this, but not me… I mean seriously, my site is called textachick.com, so obviously I am a fan of using texting as relationship improvement tool LOL!

But I digress. The fact is that most everyone is texting like a maniac these days, and if you are reading this review then you are most likely a fan of texting yourself.

In my book, there are a lot of cool things about texting. But Michael Fiore knows this stuff even better than me. He has a really deep understanding both of how to utilize texting and of psychology in general (both male and female psychology)

Mike describes texting as being a form of what he calls “Digital Telepathy”

“Text messages are the closest thing to telepathy we have” says Michael. “Simply by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone you can create a private little fantasy world between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife … where you can say or do anything without anyone else having a clue.”

He says that you can use text messages to create a private “intimate channel” between you and the man or woman in your life… even if you don’t have much time together (due to kids and jobs) or if your lover doesn’t seem very “romantic” now.

“The great thing about texting is that it’s private and you can do it anywhere” says Fiore. “Just by sending a few tiny little text messages you can ‘wake up’ the romantic center of your partner’s mind… give them a private ‘text massage’, tell them how you really feel, and really create an amazing level of heat… just by pushing a few buttons on your phone.”

So in a nut shell, this program will allow you to make use of this “intimate channel” to turn up the heat in your relationship so that you can really enjoy what you have with your partner that much more.

And – if you are just starting a relatiuonship you can use these texts to crank up the passion and get the person you are dating ADDICTED to you.

In terms of the actual product features, you get a core ebook with all of the texts that you can send, all the startegies, etc… Plus an audio version, plus bonus material, cheat sheets etc…

It’s Even Proven To Work On National TV

last year when Michael was on the Valentine’s Day edition of The Rachael Ray Show Rachel forced Mike to “put his money where his mouth is” and prove the power of texting. So, in front of millions of viewers, Mike showed a couple how to use his “romantic texting” and it was really something else. It sounded like every last woman in the audience sighed when they saw Michael’s texting magic in action and even Rachael appeared to me quite smitten by this smooth texting character!

If you haven’t watched the clip yet you can check it out here: Guys Vid - OR – Girls Vid

And you can grab a copy for yourself right here.

Dig it. This is my numero uno texting guide that we recommend for men and women in relationships of any kind.


(*****Single guys only - here’s the texting guide we recommend for you.*****)

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