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Get your ex back, and keep 'em around this time!

Today I’m going to be doing a review of Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program and sharing my own thoughts on whether or not it is a good idea to text your ex back. (For the full text your ex back review – just scroll down the page a bit…)

There has been a great deal of controversy lately on this topic of texting your ex since relationship Expert Michael Fiore released this new program…  And whether or not to try to text your boyfriend or girlfriend back is a serious issue that requires a good deal of consideration.

After all, you don’t want to text your ex back only to have them leave you all over again in a couple of months. So hopefully this review will help you to look at your situation objectively, rather than just making a rash decision.


Texting Your Ex Back, Is It A Smart Move?

Break ups suck. But, that being said, sometimes they are also necessary. So before deciding on whether texting your ex is a good idea you should take a moment to think abpout whether you really should get back with you ex.   I know, I know, you are probably saying “Yes. yes, i want my ex back so bad!” … But try to think about it rationally. Do you really think that the two of you were meant to be together? Seriously?   If so, then yes. Text messages are probably gonna be your best bet as far as what tool you use to get that ex of yours back in the picture and I’ll tell you why…

The thing is that if you were to call your ex there is a strong possibilty that they wouldn’t answer the phone which would create a problem because then you would have to leave a voicemail and you would probably goof up in the moment and say something that you would regret later. And if your ex did pick up then phone then you would run the risk of getting all emotional while you were talking to them and making the situation worse than it already is.   Texting on the other hand is a great option, here are three reasons:


1) They give you time to think of something good to say

When you call on the phone you may accidentally blurt out the wrong things, but when you text you can take your time to phrase everything perfectly.

2) Texts allow you to control your emotions

If you went through a bad break up then you probably got very emotional and yelled at your ex, screamed, cried etc… And why this is perfectly natural behavior for a person whole feels like their heart is getting ripped out, it usually just makes you ex feel like they made the right decision by breaking up with you. With a text, you can say what you have got to say without getting all emotional about it.

3) Texts give your ex time to think

Your ex needs time to start thinking about things differently before they decide to get back together with you. If you send a text that reminds your ex of all of the good times that you shared then chances are they will start slowly thinking about youy in a good light again. The key is to send well written texts and to give your ex all the time that he or she needs to get back to you.

Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Program Review…

The reason people are suddenly so interested in this idae of texting their exes is this new product Text Your Ex Back that was released by a guy named Michael Fiore. Mike is a top relationship expert who has appeared on many televsion news programs including a very popular episode of the Rachel Ray show were Rachel stated that one of Michael’s romantic texts, “gave me shivers!”

Michael is considered by many to be one of the world’s foremost experts on texting in the context of a romantic relationship. His other products include “Text The Romance Back” and “Text Your Wife Into Bed” among others…

Michael is known for being a real down to earth guy, a “regular dude” if you will…

And so far Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back has been getting amazingly good reviews. Obviously everybodies situation is different, but On his facebook wall people are posting things like:

  • “So glad I found your TXB program… I started with “I’m thinking about…” and he totally took the bait. Thank you so much for your great program!” – Elizabeth S.
  • “Frankly I really expected to be asking for my money back when the texting didn’t work.
    Keep your money. You earned every penny!” – Randy M.

( And so forth, if you want more success stories you can check them out here)

The only reason I would be at all hesitant to recommend this program is because I have not actually used it myself, because I don’t have an ex that I want to get back.

I have however had a chance to look through the programs content and I do feel that it is very valuable information. Not only does Michael explain the psychology behind why your ex left and how you can get him or her back, but he also goes into great detail outlining the EXACT plan that you need to follow to get them back.

The best part however are the prewritten text messages that Michael provides you with. These message have been proven to work, and as sonn as you get the program you can start using the immediately!

If you are on undecided about whether you should try this system, that is understandable… The idea of getting your ex back by following a simple system like this may seem too good to be true. But that said you should probably should give it a try considering that Mike offers a risk free trial period when you purchase his program.


If you’ve tried of the Text Your Ex Back system and you want to do us all a favor you you can share your own Text Your Ex Back review please leave a comment in the space provided below.



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