What To Text A Girl Who Doesn’t Text Back?

Do you ever wonder what to text a girl who doesn’t text back? Well, if this is a question that you ask yourself then you are going to love this video from the guys at The Social Man Race De Priest and Christian Hudson.

These two are two masters of texting. Seriously, as far as I can tell they are the best in the world at teaching guys how to send smooth texts that women love. They really have there fingers on the pulse, so if you are looking for info on how to text a girl I’d definitely suggest that you pay attention to what they have to say!

I agree totally with Race’s advice on what to do when a girl doesn’t text back… You definitely shouldn’t wait too long or she’ll be gone for good!

Sure, if you’ve got a really old phone number that you’ve been hanging on to for a long time then you should still give it a try, but why let the line go cold in the first place?

My basic rule for what to do when  girl doesn’t text me back is I just keep trying until she flat out rejects me… That way at least you know where you stand! Or, alternately  if I sent her five or six texts and still nothing then that’s a pretty good sign that she is not down to hang…

But if you aren’t sure what’s up with her… TEXT that chick!! And make sure to send her something good too…

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